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The Core Network

Manage Applications
The core network provides business with the ability to manage feature rich applications wirelessly. Lawyers can access their email while in court and major trucking companies can track the location of each vehicle in their fleet, in real-time - whatever your unique wireless need, Bell can help improve efficiency in your mobile operations.
Assisted GPS
The core network from Bell is also the only network that offers Assisted GPS (AGPS) location technology. AGPS allows businesses to accurately track their mobile workforce and assets using AGPS-enabled phones and devices. AGPS works even in environments, such as inside buildings or urban canyons, where traditional tracking technologies lack the 'line of sight' required to locate mobile resources.
The core network also offers an inherently more secure communication method than other networks using unique encryption technology to protect against eavesdropping or data corruption. The core network was the first network in Canada to wirelessly transmit mug shot information to police officers working in the field.
Enhanced Security:
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a dedicated 'tunnel' through which transmitted information can travel uninterrupted or corrupted.
  • Dedicated IP pools can improve security even further when communicating extra sensitive patient or financial information
  • MIN authentication, static private or public IP addressing or WAN dedicated facilities.