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Canada and US Roaming

Bell offers a wide range of rate plans and roaming services that allow you to continue to benefit from the same great voice and data products and services that you use in your local area, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
Roaming within Canada 
Bell offers unsurpassed voice and data coverage with our networks within Canada. Click here to browse our Canadian coverage maps for both our core network and data optimized high speed mobile network.
Voice Service within Canada
When travelling in Canada, your existing plan's per-minute rate, bundled airtime and per-call features remain the same. However, long distance charges will apply when roaming.
Bell offers a variety of Business rate plans tailored to meet the needs of those who frequently travel within Canada. Click here to browse our Business rate plans.
Data Service within Canada 
Your data rate plan will continue to be charged at the rates you enjoy in your local area no matter where you are in Canada.
Roaming in the United States
Roaming in the United States is easy through Bell's roaming partnerships, allowing you to use the same products and services you do in Canada.
View our United States coverage map.
To place or receive a call, or to retrieve messages from your Message Centre in the United States, simply follow the same process as in Canada. While roaming in the United States, your Canadian bundled minutes are not used and will remain untouched until you return to Canada. Long distance and airtime charges in the United States are determined by the type of network you are roaming on and apply only while you roam in the U.S..*** Please see the chart below:

Type of Network


Long Distance


$0.99 per minute

$0.75 per minute


$1.80 per minute

$0.99 per minute

Bell offers a range of North American roaming rate plans for frequent North American travellers. Click here to browse our Business rate plans tailored to meet the needs of Canadian Businesses operating in North America.
Data Service in the United States 
Bell also offers the ability to use your data device, handset or Connection card in the United States through our roaming partnerships. When travelling in the United States, your usual data bundles will not be used, instead you will be charged special roaming rates, depending on the type of wireless product or device. Please see the chart below.

Mobile Connect, Connection card , Palm, Windows

$6.00 / MB


$6 / MB

Mobile Browser

$30.72 / MB or $0.03 / KB

Bell also supports text messaging throughout North America and to over 70 countries around the world.****
Where to call for Assistance 
For information on client support when traveling in the U.S., please call *611 or 1 800 667-ROAM (7626), free from your mobile.