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Data Optimized High Speed Mobile Network


The Bell data optimized high speed mobile network is dedicated to wireless data needs, including email, opening attachments, accessing corporate Intranets or the Internet and using feature rich applications.1 Bell is constantly investing in and upgrading our network. With peak upload speeds now at up to 12 times faster than before and lightning fast peak download speeds2, Bell clients can now enjoy broadband-like speed, wirelessly, wherever their business takes them.
Click here to learn more about existing high speed mobile network coverage areas and continue to check for updates as our high speed mobile network coverage area is continually expanding.
Applications and Attachments
The high speed mobile network makes it easy to download and send large attachments and manage feature rich applications while on the go. Also, as the network is dedicated to data only, the speed at which Bell clients work on the high speed mobile network will not be affected by increases in voice traffic during busy parts of the business day.
The high speed mobile network from Bell also supports the security features available on the core network, using unique encryption technology to protect against eavesdropping or data corruption.
Enhanced Security:
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a dedicated 'tunnel' through which transmitted information can travel uninterrupted or corrupted.
  • Dedicated IP pools can improve security even further when communicating extra sensitive patient or financial information
  • MIN authentication, static private or public IP addressing or WAN dedicated facilities.