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10-4 walkie-talkie service from Bell

In order to manage mobile operations effectively mobile technicians and field workers must be able to communicate with centrally located operations managers and with their colleagues in the field. The ideal solution is one where multiple communications technologies can be combined in an all-in-one wireless device.
The 10-4 Service runs on the data optimized high speed mobile network from Bell providing walkie-talkie functionality on rugged mobile phones, so that you can call your colleague across the country or '10-4' up to ten members of your team at once.
The 10-4 Service offers walkie-talkie, phone and data capability all in one rugged, wireless handset so that field workers can have the communication tools they need at their fingertips, in any working environment. In addition, the same phone number is used to connect to both the walkie-talkie and phone functions of the handset, which makes communication between colleagues simple. Centrally managed contact lists also make it easy to update each handset.
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